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OLMAC has been in the market for more than 35 years. Today, it has about 115 employees, and produces around 800,000 garments per year. OLMAC produces a wide range of products: from technical textile garments (e.g., Polyamide, polyester, Dri-release, Coolmax, Outlast, laminates, 100% wool and others) to conventional textile garments (e.g., 100% cotton, natural fibre blends), in all kinds of quality and structure.

Specialising in private label production, the development of OLMAC products goes much beyond what is requested by its clients. OLMAC understands market requirements when it comes to quality and service.

As a result, it is focused on constantly improving its products.


OLMAC recognises the importance of corporate social responsibility for all parties that depend directly or indirectly on its operations. These commitments, whether duties or obligations, are upheld with all interest groups: employees, suppliers, clients, the media, trade unions, the government and society at large.

In this regard, OLMAC is currently involved in the SA 8000 certification process.

This standard was created in 1989 by Social Accountability International (SAI), affiliated with the Council on Economic Priorities, and is seen as the world’s most recognised independent workplace standard.

The SA 8000 standard deals with issues such as slave and child labour, occupational health and safety, freedom of association and collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, work hours, compensation and management systems.

In addition to defining labour standards around the world, SA 8000 also covers existing international agreements, including the conventions of the International Labour Organisation, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Lorsqu'une organisation adopte la certification SA 8000, elle doit tenir compte de l'impact social de ses opérations en plus des conditions dans lesquelles travaillent ses employés, partenaires et fournisseurs.


OLMAC est actuellement certifiée ISO 9001. OLMAC currently has ISO 9001 certification. This standard deals with issues concerning the company’s commitment in the area of quality and satisfaction with the services provided to clients, as well as support for the continuous improvement of its Quality Management processes and systems.

OLMAC also complies with the following certifications STeP by OEKO-TEX®, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, GOTS e GRS.

STeP by OEKO-TEX® is a solution for production sustainability. This system eliminates harmful substances right from the start of the production process, and establishes and controls standards for safe and environmentally responsible production. This not only ensures that the final product will satisfy highly rigorous safety requirements, but will also create confidence in the consumer that he or she is obtaining a sustainable product. The Bluesign® system reduces environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

It is based on the following principles:

1. Chemical Management (CM) 2. Environmental Performance (EP) 3. Environmental Management(EMS) 4. Social Responsibility (CSR) 5. Quality Management (QM) 6. Health and Safety (HS)

More about STeP by OEKO-TEX® | More about OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
More about GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) | More about GRS (Global Recycled Standard)


OLÍMPIO MIRANDA, LDA is a leading company that presents solutions to the needs and expectations of its clients and that reconciles the interests of shareholders, customers, partners and employees, always adjusted to the market, to business, and to the surrounding society.

The Management bases the culture of the company on a set of values - precision, responsibility, teamwork - that allow for the achievement of goals and objectives, producing products that meet the needs and expectations of customers and of the market.


This Sustainability Report is a commitment we have by demonstrating the results of our economic, environmental, and social performance to all OLMAC's stakeholders

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Developing our clients’ products is our main challenge.

The driving force of our sales department is to transform ideas into reality and create products that satisfy our clients’ objectives.



It is possible to develop a customised product, taking a design, photograph or even a garment as a starting point. When it comes to the more profitable manufacturing process, analysing the construction of garments is one of our main focuses and priorities. Every decorative and branding part of the garments is taken into account and studied carefully with the involved sectors.

We can obtain the raw material proposed by the client or even suggest those that are best adapted to the model itself. We develop the first prototypes using, as far as possible, the right and best-suited material so that the final material can be as faithful as possible to the desired product. There is strict quality control over the first garments, so that all deviations, as well as those that might occur in the future, are recorded.


We perform internal quality control over all raw material (mesh and accessories). We have the human and technical resources that allow us to respond to any level of quality control over raw material requested for by the client. We understand that quality control over raw material is an extremely important stage in the production process.

The raw material is subjected to testing, taking into account their different characteristics. It is important to stress that we perform tests of robustness, resistance to stitching and friction, shrinking while ironing, washing and stretching, colour analysis in the spectrophotometer for better historical control over colour alterations, naked eye colour analysis in a light box, checking for visual defects that do not comply with the defined quality standards or based on a base sample. We can also perform tests at a certified independent laboratory, whenever necessary.


During modelling, full attention is given to the planning of the garment’s assembly, and to the analysis of the moulds and the scale of the sizes. All of this is performed in close collaboration with the production department.

This symbiosis between the modelling department and the production department is essential. The increasing technical expertise of our employees and investment in cutting-edge technological tools are deciding factors in successful production.


Cutting is an important stage in the production process. We seek the greatest possible use of raw material in the cutting stage. We have automatic CAD-CAM extension and cutting technology, optimising cutting plans in order to avoid any waste.

At Olmac, subdivision of cutting is performed on a roll-to-roll basis, or in exceptional cases, labelling may be performed, ensuring the necessary rigour in bringing together components while assembling the garment.


Based on the characteristics of each production, preparation is necessary before assembly. These operations may involve the application of transfers, placement of pockets, embroidery, prints, or labels. We have a range of applications for providing added value and product differentiation.

At this stage, accessories are also separated based on production order.


At this stage, all plans and designs are created.

Perfect assembly of the garments is guaranteed. In order to ensure the highest possible quality standard, all garment assembly is subjected to strict control and a well-defined list of checks and tasks.


After assembly, the garments continue to the finishing process.

This process seeks to ensure that all the lines are cut, and that all the technical and brand paper labels are applied to the garment.

The garment is then passed to the steam iron, packaged or hung, as specified in the production.


Garment quality control is a process under the responsibility of experienced employees, who check whether it is within the quality standard required by the client, with respect to the measurement table, assembly and finishing quality.

This is how we guarantee that all of the garment’s visual and technical characteristics are compliant.


The delivery of garments can be made to the client as a hung garment, boxed garment or garment in a palletised box.

They are separated based on destination/colour/size, as specified in the order.

The sizes of the boxes, format and design of the labels can be adapted to the client’s logistics requirements.

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Olmac has a team that can respond to our clients’ most demanding requirements.

Research and development of new products, new techniques and competencies are our focus..


OLMAC has the capacity to develop, together with its partners in the Portuguese and overseas market, many qualities of knitwear, covering the widest range of compositions and characteristics.

Our clients can see their knitwear and accessories developed under the highest quality standards.


OLMAC has the capacity to develop, together with its partners in the Portuguese and overseas market, many qualities of knitwear, covering the widest range of compositions and characteristics.

Our clients can see their knitwear and accessories developed under the highest quality standards.


Whether with continuous quilting or with specific designs, we can develop the widest variety of patterns.

The cutting, preparation and control of these products is performed internally with extreme care, in order to ensure excellent quality in the final garment.


Both knitwear sublimation as well as garment by garment sublimation present an interesting challenge.

The development of designs and the composition/construction of colours are executed by OLMAC in partnership with the best local textile printers.

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OLMAC is a company that promotes professionalism, responsibility and friendliness between its employees.

It cross-departmental disciplinary committee is made up of 3 persons, and is governed by a code of conduct which all employees are invited to improve.


SEND US YOUR CV TO rh@olmac.pt

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Olímpio Miranda Lda.

Avenida S. Cristóvão, 1835
4770-088 Cabeçudos, Portugal

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